Have you been told you or your child has a tongue thrust?

(Scientifically known as a: Myofunctional Disorder)
“An orofacial myofunctional disorder involves incorrect oral muscle patterns and habits involving the tongue, lips, and jaws.” - Nancy K. Magar

The incorrect placement of your tongue during at-rest, swallowing and speech can have a major impact on the whole lower face including your mouth, both upper and lower jaws, and tooth placement. Other detrimental oral habits, such as, prolonged thumb and finger sucking can be addressed by this therapy.

The good news:

These results can be corrected with the cooperation of the dentist, orthodontist, physician, orofacial myologist, and speech therapist. *Scientific studies have shown treatment to be 80 -90% effective in correcting the disorder. And these corrections are retained years after the completion of therapy (Hahn & Hahn, 1992).